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Thursday, 29 April 2010

Trident Maple

Had this about 15 yrs.
Did all the drilling out with a dremmell about 4 yrs ago.

Trident Maple

Had this 20-25 yrs

Trident Maple

Had this one about 6 yrs restyled it aftre getting it as it looked nothing like it does now.

Bought from Danny Hughes , who was pleased the results.

Trident Maple root over rock

This tree was chosen by Danny Hughes and John Hanby to show in Belgium.

I've had it about 8 yrs.

Its also featured in a book titled, "Best of Bonsai in Europe" page 32.

It won the silver award award at the Sheffield show in 2008

Soft Needle Juniper

Had this about 15-16 yrs.

Silver Birch

Had this about 6 yrs and its taken that long to get it to this standard.
Hoping to show it at the show this year at Newstead


Just about to flower ,had it 12 yrs